Amy's premature passing was a shock to many. I was in college at the time and was at an age when you felt invincible. My health was on the back burner as I focused on graduation and beyond, but the loss of Amy changed that.

I had a mole that wasn't too much of a concern, but seemed to be growing over the years. The irresponsible young adult in me kept pushing off getting it looked at. A few weeks after Amy passed away, I decided it was time. Upon having this mole examined and a biopsy performed, I was informed that the mole was in a pre-cancerous state and would likely have advanced to melanoma within the next six months. I was very fortunate to have caught it at this stage, and the mole was removed completely. If it wasn't for Amy, I am very confident I would have kept delaying that appointment. I think about Amy often, and the impact she has had on me and many others. I truly owe my luck in catching that pre-cancer to no one other than her.