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I was 28-years-old when my physician’s assistant at my dermatology clinic found my Stage I Melanoma on my left upper thigh. I probably would not have caught it and been so proactive if it weren’t for Amy. I was a television reporter for KTVB in Boise, Idaho, and I covered Amy’s story after she passed away...

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shae simis

Michael and Holly Simis noticed a “wart” under their 4-year-old daughter Shaelyn's (Shae) chin/neck area. It looked like a wart but the pesky thing wouldn't go away no matter how it was treated, so they went to urgent care to get it removed. As a precaution, the doctor sent the wart on to pathology for examination.


Leah bowman

I have a really ironic story and I feel that sharing with people will bring awareness to something we don’t think about…Melanoma.




Amy's premature passing was a shock to many. I was in college at the time and was at an age when you felt invincible. My health was on the back burner as I focused on graduation and beyond, but the loss of Amy changed that.